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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA) is basically a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In the United States, this degree is usually conferred after four years of full-time study at an accredited business college or university. In other words, it is the business administration equivalent of an associate’s degree. An associate’s degree can take four years or longer to earn, depending on the level of business concentration attained. For many business administration jobs, however, a bachelor’s degree is all that is required. For other positions and higher pay levels, additional business administration training may be necessary.

business administration
business administration


What business administration degree does require is a Bachelor of Arts (BA). A student who wishes to enter into management positions or planning should pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration first. This can be done by completing a four-year bachelor’s degree with a major in business administration, accounting, or economics. A student who already has a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields but would like to attain business administration certification should complete business administration bachelor degree courses as well.


There are some business administration jobs that do not require a four-year degree, but the starting salary is often much lower. Some of the most common business degree employers are the Ivy League colleges. Students should make sure to check into the business administration program of each school prior to applying to the programs. For example, business administration programs at Johns Hopkins University may not be as well known as those at Harvard or Cambridge. A current business administration degree from an Ivy League school will generally garner a higher starting salary, but not always.


The main article discussed business administration jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree. These include positions such as marketing, management, or finance managers. Students interested in these kinds of positions can obtain their business administration degree from either a community college or a trade school. A business administration graduate should have a strong background in mathematics and business administration.


Many business administration degrees go beyond business administration and into business administration degree programs that focus solely on teaching students how to manage a business. Many business management employers do not require a business administration degree graduate to be certified. Instead, they are usually hired on the basis of their business management skills and knowledge of the business at large. There are also business administration graduate jobs at universities that do not require certification. These positions are usually for post-graduates who are interested in pursuing teaching careers after graduation.


The United States government is another employer for business administration degree graduates. There are a few government agencies that hire individuals to work in their business administration departments. The main article discusses the requirements needed to qualify for employment with the U.S. government. The main article on the University of Maryland website discusses the different business administration degree programs that are available to graduate students around the country.


Graduates of business administration programs that focus on business administration can go on to work for private financial institutions, law firms, and investment companies. They may be involved in business planning, budgeting, sales, marketing, or technology. The main article on an online business administration website discusses how business administration graduates can go on to hold executive positions in several different sectors.

Some business administration positions are held by cabinet-level officials in the federal government, state government, and local governments. Other government agencies can also be a source of employment for business administration graduate candidates. Mainly small business concerns tend to hire business administration professionals.


Online business administration degree programs prepare business administration graduates to work in their chosen field. The main article on an accredited business administration degree program website discusses how business administration graduates can find employment after graduation. The degree can be completed entirely online, or part-time via correspondence. Online programs allow business administration graduates to be employed by local, state, and federal government agencies while still continuing their education at an accredited business administration degree program.

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